Baby Parking Tickets

Parents of the babies younger than a year will get free “Baby parking tickets“, which will grant them 30 hours of free parking in all parking zones in Belgrade. Parent needs to be the legal owner of the automobile.

A „Baby parking ticket“ is valid 60 minutes in all three zones. As the parking is limited to one, two or three hours, depending on the parking zone, it is necessary that a user writes on the ticket a date, hour and minute when the parking started and then put one, two or three tickets depending on the length of parking on a visible place on the dashboard, behind the windshield, respecting the time limit of the zone in which the vehicle is parked.

“Baby parking tickets“ are valid for a year from the acquisition date and they are issued at Customer Service at 31 Takovska Street, 51 Milesevska Street and 7 Kraljice Marije Street, from 07:00 to 21:00 on weekdays and from 07:00 to 14:00 on Saturday.

In order to get this ticket parents must submit to inspection their ID, vehicle registration and a baby birth certificate. ‘Baby parking tickets’ are marked with a serial number which is linked to a vehicle register plate number thus rendering any misuse of the ticket impossible.