The first ecological garage in Belgrade

Parking Servis submitted an application for the LEED certificate (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) for renovated and upgraded garage ‘Obilićev venac’. After obtained certificate, garage ‘Obilićev venac’ will be the first “green” garage in Serbia. At the conference, devoted to “Green Building”, the leader of Investment and Construction works at Parking Servis, Biljana Vlajic presented the arguments applied to “green” garage.

- In the very center of Belgrade we will soon have a modern garage that has been built to the highest environmental standards. By using renewable energy and building materials that are not harmful to health, and also by promoting plug-in electric vehicle and charger setting for them, and providing services to rent a bike, Parking Servis is represented as a leader in the implementation of new environmental standards and technology for this type of facility. – said Biljana Vlajić.