Extension of the parking limit and the new zone ’A’

By the Resolution on public car parks, as of Monday, February 18, the time limit for parking has been extended for on-street parking, regulated by the zone system.

By the Decision of the Secretariat for Transport, in the streets around Kosančićev venac, a new time-limited parking zone ’A’ is implemented.

The new zone ’A’ in the streets around Kosančićev venac is time limited to 30 minutes and costs 100 dinars.

Now it is available to purchase additional time once the maximum time limit has expired in the parking area of Red zone – limited to a maximum of 60 minutes, Yellow zone – limited to a maximum of 120 minutes and Green zone – limited to a maximum of 180 minutes.

If the driver want to extend the parking, it can be done 5 minutes before the paid time expires (a reminder will come as a SMS message), for additional 30 minutes in the red zone – 100 dinars, an additional hour in the yellow zone – 180 dinars, and an additional hour for the green zone – 140 dinars.