We are thinking about them!

On International Day of Disabled Persons, PUC “Parking servis” appeals to drivers to show more conscious about disabled persons needs and to avoid parking cars on spots, which are reserved for those persons. Campaign and video “Think about us” is created by Company to raise attention on this special consumer category.


“Parking servis” made step further during this year, regarding care for disabled persons. New service has been implemented, consumers can receive parking cards for disabled via regular mail service. Hologram stickers for disabled persons are distributed via post office, upon consumers receive approval from Secretary for social care. Upon approval is received, consumer will not be obligated to visit Customer service center in “Parking servis”.

“Parking servis” pays special attention about location and visibility of reserved parking places for disabled persons, which are close to main gates, elevators and pay stations in garages and parking lots, providing easier parking.

Disabled persons may use “Ada Ciganlija” parking lot without charges, while “VMA” parking can be used for free during period of 8 hours. All other parking lots and garages, maintained by “Parking servis”, provide free parking for 3 hours on special marked places.

In zoned parts of Belgrade, disabled persons have on their disposal 500 general and almost 100 special parking places, where parking is free with no time limits.

“Parking servis” appeals to drivers every day, not just on International Day of Disabled Persons, not to park their vehicles on specially marked places. Disabled persons need our attention and care.