New parking construction starts in Novi Beograd

PUC ’Parking Servis’ has announced the beginning of construction on a parking lot in Novi Beograd, within the area of ’Air Serbia’ Company.

The Deputy Mayor Goran Vesić and Managing Director of Parking Servis Andrija Čupković visited today the construction site located between the main building of ’Air Serbia’, new bus station and Belville district.

Parking at this area will include 425 parking spaces, of which are 21 reserved for individuals with disabilities.

The project is 100 million dinars worth, as stated by the deputy mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesić, and is expected to be completed in five month’s time.

“Parking at this parking lot will be free for the first 15 minutes, which makes it easy for parents to drop off or pick up their kids from school or kindergarten. Those parking spaces will be wider then than regular spots, to allow parents more space to manage prams and infants, and will be specially marked as family spots,“ said Goran Vesić and thanked Parking Servis on good cooperation.