Proposal of recommendations for employee behavior to limit the spread of the epidemic

Following recommendations from first and second telephone sessions of the City Headquarter for emergency situations, from 11th and 12th of March 2020

  1. It is recommended that all employees adhere to the recommendations of the CHQ for emergency situations, received at the 1st and 2nd sessions, as follows:
  • maintaining personal hygiene and hygiene of working environment, and

  • on daily basis, following public information services, and information and recommendations published by official institutions. Employee should avoid creation and distribution of informal and unverified information.

2. Internal affairs service, PPZ, BZR and FTO received following orders:

  • Increase disinfection and hygiene of workspace (disinfection of door handles, doors, worktops, toilets, telephones – mobile and landline) as well as to provide using of disinfectants for cleaning the work premises of the company;

  • place hand sanitizers at entrances to business premises and next to elevators;

  • provide hand sanitizers for employees who work with clients, as well as provide other protective equipment.

Apart from these measures, PUC “Parking servis” has suspended educational activities with first graders of elementary schools, in action ”Pupils ask you – slow down by the school”.