The operating regime during a state of emergency

PUC ’Parking Servis’ will continue to operate, during a state of emergency, as all other public utilities but with some modifications. All public garages and car parks will operate according to the usual mode of collection, also normal parking rules continue to apply at the zoned areas.

All in-person customer services of the Company are closed since yesterday, until further notice. Communication with the citizens will be through email, and telephone 011/30-35-400, on working days from 07 AM until 09 PM, and on Saturday from 07 AM until 02 PM.

Customers with expired privileged parking ticket may request an extension via registration on our Portal ’Parking Servis’ and buy an e-PPT. We appeal to our citizens to make all payments online using Portal. By order of authorities, illegally parked vehicles will be removed to Staro Sajmište, by tow-away service of PUC ’Parking Servis’.

All workers of the Company act according to regulation set out by the City Department for Emergency Situations.