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The core activities of Parking Servis are managing, exploitation and maintenance of public car parks and garages at 10 city municipalities. More than 30.000 parking places are in zone designated areas with appropriate regulations and fees, about 9.000 places are found in garages and car parks.

Public Utility Company Parking Servis manages with 8 Public Garages, 23 Garages With Reserved Parking Places, 15 Car Parks and 2 SMS Car Parks. Garages and car parks are equipped with cutting-edge automatic systems, as well as toll stations, which has contributed to the faster flow of the vehicles and more reliable payment control and SMS car parks have a control system and parking payment performed as such in zoned area of the city. Through Info-Boards and Internet site the drivers can be informed about the current number of available spaces in garages and parking lots at any given time – Available Parking Spaces  .

The centre of Belgrade is divided into four zones: ZONA A, RED, YELLOW and GREEN, which are established, based on the criteria of congestion in certain city parts. The zones have time limits and are paid according to the predetermined tariff system. General parking lots outside the zoned area are blue color marked and parking is enabled without a time limit. In some streets in the city center there are SENSORS mounted on parking spaces, which through the Info-Boards (Variable Message Signs) provide motorists information about the number of free parking spaces.

The Company also offers services of TOWING AWAY illegally parked and broken-down vehicles as well as those which have been involved in traffic accidents, by using a special tow truck called ‘spider’. Towing services are carried out only by Traffic Police, Communal Police or Municipal Inspection order. Our equipment is also used in states of emergency such as heavy traffic congestions, natural disasters, interventions of fire fighters, emergency squads and communal services. In addition to this, the Company takes part in directing traffic during important public events and similar organized mass gatherings.

Parking Servis additional activities are as follows: freight vehicles parking, customs inspection, goods storage, business premises lease.


Parking Servis is a founder of Serbian Parking Association of 40 members, and itself is a member of European Parking Association.

The Company has been certified to ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) standard in 2015, and has sucessfully implemented Environmental management system ISO 14001:2015, Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series OHSAS 18001, Information Security Management ISO 27001:2013 and Quality management – Customer satisfaction SRPS ISO 10002:2016.

In 2018, The “Obilićev venac” garage has received the Parksmart certificate becoming the first “green” garage in Europe and one of four in the world awarded with the Bronze Level Certification recognizing high-performing, sustainable garages.

Basic Info

Name: JKP „Parking servis“ Beograd
PUC “Parking Servis” Belgrade
Address: 27 Kneza Višeslava Street, Belgrade
CRN: 07046383
TIN: 100214228

Personal data protection

Person authorized for personal data protection in PUC “Parking Servis” Belgrade is: Tanja Vasković.

Address of the person for personal data protection: 27 Kneza Višeslava Str. Belgrade

Email address: : lice.zzpl@parking-servis.co.rs

Phone number: +381112228050

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