Pupils ask you, slow down by the school

As a socially responsible company Parking Servis is running a campaign with the aim to increase children’s traffic safety, through educating children and appealing to drivers to watch out for children on the roads.

For past twelve years, each of first-grade pupils in Primary school in 17 Belgrade municipalities, has been provided with an educational, interactive performance about traffic responsible behavior on the road named ‘Pupils ask you, slow down by the school’ performed by ‘Parking Servis’.

The performance is carried out by Parking Servise’s instructor who is supported by traffic policeman and mascot – zebra named Zebranko Brinić.

In a fun, simple, and unique way the children are taught how to cross the street safely, use traffic light and understand road signs. The pupils are also encouraged to interact in performance and as reward for knowledge they get presents and recognizable high visibility vests.

During a decade-long companionship, there were close to 2.000 performances which helped over 190.000 pupils how to behave safely on their way from home to school and back.