The Pupils Parking Space

The ‘pupils’ parking spaces are related to the regime of parking zone in which is particular parking space located, and the money collected out of the parking payment will be redirected to schools and its needs.

Parking Servis launched campaign ‘Pupils parking space’ in 2015 with an aim to donate money collected out of the parking payment to the nearby schools.

“Pupils” parking spaces are marked near all Primary schools located in the zoned area. Just before campaign has started the art contest had been held for children to find a solution for an image of a board sign ‘Pupils parking space’. At the art competition about 600 first-grade pupils participated and three works have been chosen instead of one, which now decorate boards in the adequate zone areas.

As social responsible company Parking Servis is helping Primary schools, with this project, through donations of technical aids with an aim to improve the quality of teaching in schools. At the start of the school year 2016, Parking Servis donated to all the schools involved in the project, computers, interactive boards, multi-functional printer, projectors, and photo cameras, out of the parking payment from these specially marked parking spaces.

This campaign presents just one more way to increase traffic safety of the children in the zone areas of the school and bring it to the driver’s attention to slow down in the schools areas.