“Ada Ciganlija“ Marina

“Ada Ciganlija” Marina is design to be in Čukarica branch of the Sava River, just four kilometers (2.5 miles) upstream of the confluence of the Sava and Danube Rivers, in the immediate vicinity of the Ada Bridge, the confluence of the Topcčider River, and the Belgrade Fair complex and the two and a half kilometers (1.6 miles) from the downtown.

The Marina is in the sports and recreational zone of Ada Ciganlija, one of the most representative areas in Belgrade. Close to Ada are also: The Belgrade race course, Košutnjak and Topčider forest-parks, picnic areas, and cycle tracks that run along the Sava and Danube Rivers.

Marina’s surface area (water and land)

The surface area of the Marina is 14,16 ha, of which: water accounts for about 7,60 ha (54%) and land – 6,56 ha (46%).

Water area development – scope and principles
  • Water area development for the estimated 685 vessels includes:
  • Stabilization and development of banks of the Marina;
  • Cleaning and dredging the bottom of the Marina, to provide for the guaranteed depths;
  • Concept for use of the water area and layout of facilities;
  • Layout and placement of mooring pontoons.
Pontoon layout solution:
  • Capacity of 620-650 moored vessels under rent on the area of 37,400m² – 57,50m² per vessel on average
  • About 35 – 40 vessels on short-term stay in Marina waters. About 5% of vessels are assumed to be on short stay in the Marina, i.e. in the tourist boat mooring zone.

Structures under construction on the bank, as required for the Marina are: Marina Center building, Stilt house, Service shop, Hangar and open boat rack, Sanitary facilities and Fueling facilities.

Sports and recreation

“Grafičar“ rowing club would stay within “Ada Ciganlija“ Marina complex, and the corridor reserved for rowing and other sports activities would be enables within the space of the Marina. This corridor is about 40 m away from the bank of Ada; it is 16 m wide and extends all along the bank (about 260 m) from entrance to the Marina to “Grafičar“ rowing club.the Marina is in the sports and recreational zone of Ada Ciganlija; the total surface area of the sports and recreational part, encompassing Ada Ciganlija with Makiš and Ada Međica, is approximately 800 ha.