Garage “Studentski trg”

The construction of an underground parking garage has been planned at Student Square (Studentski trg) in the very city centre, the area between Kalemegdan and Republic Square (Trg Republike) in the old town and in immediate vicinity of Knez Mihailova Street.

Conversion of streets into pedestrian zones will result in more attractive appearance of the city, it will attract more citizens and tourists, but it will also directly and indirectly reduce the capacity of available parking spaces. As a result of functional conversion into pedestrian zones, the central part of the city will lose 900 parking spaces in total capacity, therefore the construction of the underground garage “Studentski trg” emerges as the optimal solution.

In accordance with preliminary design project, garage will have:
  • 700 parking spaces,
  • 36 parking spaces for vehicles of persons with disabilities, all in accordance with the international standard (5% of the total number of parking spaces)

On 11.235 m² building plot area, garage is planned to have three underground levels, on 21.000 m² garage area. Terrain configuration is suitable for setting the separate points of entrance or exit, for an easy accessibility to the garage. The entrance point is planned in Studentski trg Street on the side of the Republic Square (Trg Republike) – from Braće Jugović Street and the exit point in Studentski trg Street in the front of Ethnographic Museum – and further to Braće Jugović Street.

The plan includes relocation of the existing bus and trolleybus terminal from Student Square, in accordance with the Detailed Regulation Plan for Dorćol. Although it is located in the city centre, Student Square is very accessible and suitable for construction works. Roads are now open only for public transport and taxi vehicles and will not require major changes to the traffic system, which simplifies the construction of the underground garage.

Provided documentation:
  • Building permit
  • Projects for building permit
  • Development projects
  • Assessment of environmental impact