“Pinki” garage

“Pinki” garage

PUC “Parking servis” is planning to build new garage, under plateau by “Pinki” sports center. Building underground garage and plateau reconstruction will preserve ambient potential of public space, respecting character, significance and function. Priority during reconstruction will be respecting a unique architectural entirety of plateau with sport dome and many historical buildings at surrounding area.

Underground garage has been defined by regulation plan for public areas, in front of “Pinki” hall. Garage base will be rectangle dimensions 88.5m X 64.6m, gross area 6.365,5 square meters. Capacity of 162 parking slots classifies object as big garage.

Garage will have single underground floor. Vehicle access will be in Gradski Park Street, while exit ramp is located in Nemanjina Street.

Pedestrians will be able to use five security staircases and one elevator.

Roof of garage will represent multifunctional public area. New plateau flooring is carefully planned to be coherent with initial architectonic project, made by Ivan Antic. Vast greenery area with benches will be constructed, while preserving trees is imperative. Plateau will preserve initial functionality as gathering point, while many new activities will be presented.