“Skerliceva” Garage

PUC “Parking servis” is planning to build new underground public garage, close to The Public library. New garage will not impact ambient potential of public area, while character, importance and function of Vracar plateau will be preserved.

Underground garage will be located close to The Public library building and under Skerliceva Street. Construction works are carefully planned according to urban conditions of area, with special attention on static stability of the library, also considering prevention and improvement of greenery, pedestrian and vehicles zones and surrounding buildings.

Architectonic plan, ground leveling, dimensions, materials selection and landscape design are coherent with all areas near The Public library and Vracar plateau.

  • Total area 11.661,98 square meters
  • Garage capacity is 348 parking slots
  • Three floors, 3 meters high. Cascading structure of 6 parking levels
  • Cascading roof will provide pedestrian area and greenery zone
  • Except parking, garage will have auxiliary, sanitary and technical rooms
  • Ground inclination is used for one enter and on exit ramp, from Skerliceva Street