How to get e-Privileged parking ticket?

Create Account

To create an account it is necessary to:
  • At Portal press the link Create Account
  • The form of User Registration will open
  • Complete all the required fields in the form and press the button Create Account
  • The system will inform you of successful application and warn you if any of the obligatory fields are missing

We will activate your account

  • Our system will automatically try to match you with our base of customers and automatically activate an account if you were a user of our services before
  • If any of the data unambiguously doesn’t match with existing base of customers, our operator will try to solve that disagreement independently
  • If an operator fails to resolve the situation, he will contact you via phone or e-mail.
  • If you have never been our customer before in System of parking charge and control, we will create a new record in our central base

Create request for ePPT

After you have registered and after we have activated your account
  • Log in to Parking Servis Portal with your user name (e-mail address) and password
  • At the menu choose option Request for ePPT; the form of Request will open
  • Please complete all required fields
  • Our system will match the data you have entered with the central base of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and if you fulfill the conditions for issuing ePPT,
  • The confirmation message of approval will be sent to your e-mail address

Notice: Expiry date of ePPT

Once we have confirmed your payment to our Account, we need to process it in order to activate your ePPT, the deadlines for achieving it are minimum two days, and ePPT can be activated since midnight of the following day.
If you are in need of ePPT which is valid earlier than the third day of creating account, please visit one of our Customer services which are open during week days from 07-21, and from 07-14 on Saturdays.

Pay an invoice for ePPT

You can pay ePPT in accordance with invoice instruction or at the Parking Servis Customer Servis box-office.
  • Log in to Portal and in the part of Approved Requests you will be able to find an invoice for wanted services; an invoice is in the form of pdf file
  • It is required to make a payment in accordance with an invoice instructions
    • correct amount,
    • correct number of the current account,
    • correct reference number
    • and within the selected date range
    If your payment is made electronically by 18:00 we will be able to see it on the daily statement of an account, the following day, after which we are going to process and activate your PPT.
  • Once it’s activated you will receive the confirmation message about PPT activation and validation as well as the subzone and expiry date.


If your payment is made during the week days after 18:00 or weekend or some of the Post office counters, this payment will be visible on the statement of an account after two or three days. Your PPT will be activated after successful process of your payment.
Baner zahtevi ePPK