FAQ – International Terminal

1. What services are provided by PUC ‘Parking Servis’ International Terminal in Block 43 at Novi Beograd?
  • PUC ‘Parking Servis’ International Terminal offers services of leasing business premises to the businesses which deal with mediation in customs procedure and transport organization;;
  • Organizes parking of vehicles which transport the goods in customs procedures;
  • Parking for passengers cars with daily ticket and subscription;
  • Organizes storing of customs goods in customs warehouse and storing of goods in public commercial warehouse;
  • freight forwarding;
  • There is a Customs office 11568 of Belgrade Customs, exchange office, as well as a Post Office on the premises.
2. Can trucks and buses be parked at the International terminal?
At customs terminal in Block 43 at New Belgrade only commercial vehicles engaged in transportation of goods in customs procedures can be parked.
In exceptional cases when there are valid reasons it is possible to park trucks and buses but only with a reasonable notice so as to obtain necessary approvals.
3.Is there a possibility of non-cash payment at the International terminal?
Once when the contract for using the terminal is signed with a business, non-cash payment is possible.
4. What documentation is necessary for customs parking payment through account on ?
In order to pay customs parking through account the following documentation is necessary:
  • A request on a company letterhead (including trucks plate numbers);
  • Two promissory notes and confirmation of their validity from the parent bank;
  • Photocopy of depo and OP form;
  • Information about the company from APR.