Garage “Botanička bašta”

Free parking spaces at the moment: 75
Address: Vojvode Dobrnjca 10
Spaces: 246
  • disabled bays: 1
Storeys: -5 underground+ground
Working hours: 00-24 h (365 days a year)


Service Price
For each commenced hour for passenger cars 60.00
Daily parking - single entry valid for 24 hours 1000.00
Monthly subscription for private cars 00.00-24.00 hours 8000.00
Monthly subscription opening times – on weekdays from 17.00 to 08.00 - at weekends (from Friday at 17.00 to Monday 08.00) and on bank holidays from 00.00 to 24.00 2200.00
Monthly subscription 07-21 hour 5000.00
Monthly subscription for private cars 00-24 hours (for residents of the building street: Vojvode Dobrnjca No. 2-22, Boulevard of Despot Stefan No. 62-95, Cvijiceva No. 28, Takovska No. 45-49, Jase Prodanovica No. 1-10, Draze Pavlovica No. 1-15 and Generala Ljesanina) 3000.00
Monthly subscription for legal entity cars 07-21 hours (for ten or more passenger vehicles) 4000.00
Monthly subscription at reserved parking space 10000.00
  • Parking service fee is paid per hour commenced in cash (in dinars) or at POS terminal, according to the applicable pricelist;
  • This facility enables you to use Parking Pass and Prepaid parking card;
  • The User is entitled to use a daily parking, after a vehicle has been parked continuously for 16 hours;
  • Мonthly subscription for occupants may be used by occupants only if they have their place of permanent residence in one of the above mentioned streets and own a car, as evidenced by their identity card and vehicle registration certificate;
  • Of the total number of parking spaces at the “Botanical garden” garage, 54 are reserved parking spaces;
  • Parking of vehicles of disabled persons shall be free of charge for the first three hours, and thereafter the disabled persons shall pay the parking service fee per hour commenced;
  • For any vehicle occupying two parking spaces the fee payable shall be doubled per hour commenced, according to the applicable pricelist;
  • For incorrectly parked vehicles, in case of removal thereof, shall be paid the fee established for moving such incorrectly parked vehicles;
  • Any lost or damaged parking card and damage to the barrier shall be paid in accordance with the applicable pricelist.