Garage with reserved parking spaces “Klare Cetkin 2″

Address: Klare Cetkin 1h
Parking spaces for passenger cars: 11
Open hours: 00.00-24.00 (365 days a year)


Service Price
Parking space for passenger vehicles 6500.00
  • When signing the Contract for the subscription in the garages with the reserved parking places (“Radivoja Koraća”, “Mileševska”, “Klare Cetkin 1″, “Klare Cetkin 2″, “Klare Cetkin 3″, “Dr Ivana Ribara”, “Olge Alkalaj”,“ Vojvodjanska 11-15“, “Vojvodjanska 111-115“) the user will borrow a parking card for segment doors opening and vehicles entry/exit control. The parking card is free of charge and should be returned to the Customer service center, to the Unit for subscription and exploitation, upon the contract termination.
  • Тhe subscription service fee shall be paid by individuals on a monthly or quarterly basis, by payment order or in our Customer service, and on a quarterly basis by legal entities.
  • For the lost or damaged parking card a fee is charged according to the pricelist.
  • For the above mentioned garages we offer an additional option of opening a segment door with a remote controller for which it is necessary to put down a deposit of 5.000,00 RSD and sing an Annex to the Agreement of use.
  • The application for a remote controller is submitted in our Customer service.
  • For monthly subscription please submit the request.