Payment for parking services in garages and car parks

Payment options in our garages or car parks:
      1.  Paying with cash at toll station or parking attendant according to the predetermined pricelist
      2. Paying with Debit Parking Card at the exit ramp
    2. DAILY PARKING TICKET – It represents a more favorable parking price. This service is valid in all parking facilities, except for the car park “Karađorđeva”.
    3. BUSINESS TARIFF – Very affordable monthly subscription available only in garages “Masarikova”, “Zeleni venac” and “Pionirski park” that was meant for the people who work in centre of the city, where there is no enough space in the streets.
    4. SEVEN DAYS PARKING TICKET – Parking is foreseen for the car park “VMA“. This service need to be applied and paid in cash within 24 hours from the time of entry into the car park.
        1. Parking Place Lease  - reservation of the particular parking place in garage, and in accordance with the predetermined pricelist.
        2. Subscription – Affordable price for monthly parking in garages, customer parks at any first available parking place.