Park and Ride

The general parking lot outside the zoned areas in Vladimira Popovića Street
  • 292 parking spaces
The system Park and Ride has been set up at the general parking lot outside the zoned areas, near new terminus in Vladimira Popovića Street. After parking the vehicle, users may continue their journey by regular public transport, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the parking lot (trams: 7, 9, 11 and 13; busses: 27E, 35, 78 and 83).

For the users of BUS PLUS subscription ticket

The parking lot without payment may be used by the owners of regular BUS PLUS season ticket who are the owners of vehicles and have been registered at ‘Parking Servis’ Customer Service.
How to register for free parking
The user can register for free access to the parking lot if:
  • Possessor of valid personalized electronic smart card for regular public transport with a paid subscription ticket for the current month, one year, calendar year or any other which includes a free transport,
  • The owner of registered vehicle and
  • Valid data of registered car plate number and an identification number of the personalized electronic smart card for regular public transport entered in ‘Parking Servis’ electronic system of parking control.
  • The user’s right to park free, refers only to ONE VEHICLE
  • The user’s BUS PLUS ticket provided by the company should be validated on the card reader in the public transport vehicle at the beginning of the month
  • The registration at ‘Parking Servis’ is mandatory once a year, and in the case of not recharging a BUS PLUS ticket, the right for free parking will be lost
  • In case of payment interruption at BUS PLUS card on a monthly basis, the user should register again at ‘Parking Servis’ Customer Service

Other users

All other drivers who do not posses a valid BUS PLUS subscription card, the parking lot may use: ?
  • By ticket per several hours
    • Payment via SMS to 9118
    • Price: 150 dinars
  • By ticket per commenced hour
    • Payment via SMS to 9119
    • Price: 31 dinar
More information on website of Secretariat for Transport