Customs Warehouse

Customs Post 11568 Belgrade is situated at the international terminal of the PUC “Parking Servis” in Block 43, since the 1984. providing the clearance of goods at the wheels .

We provide services:
  • staying of vehicles with the goods for customs clearance,
  • goods manipulation (loading, unloading and transfer),
  • goods storage,
  • business premises lease.

Customs warehouse services are provided on 3080 m², with the “Parking servis” as the type A of tenant, as well as an open customs warehouse with an area of 265 m². This classification means that, we as holders of the customs warehouses, take responsibility and ensure that the goods are under constant supervision while the goods are in customs procedure.

Besides the goods storage, we also provide the service of loading the vehicles.
Working hours: Weekdays and Saturdays from 08:00 to 20:00h.
Compensation for services depends on the weight of goods handled and the length of stay in the warehouse.