On-street parking sensors

During 2016 and 2017, about 1,500 smart parking sensors were installed in the area of Vračar municipality, which belongs to zone parking system.

Through 60 info boards, which are located at intersections of the streets, the parking sensor system provides accurate information on available parking spaces, and in that manner reduces the time spent in looking for a parking.

In order to provide valid data for a parking sensor system, drivers must properly park their vehicles at a precisely marked parking space, above the sensor itself.

Parking sensors are installed in the following streets:
Alekse Nenadovića
whole street
Baba Višnjina
whole street
Braće Nedića
whole street
Hadži Đerina
from Golsvordijeve to Patrijarha Gavrila
Hadži Prodanova
whole street
od Golsvordijeve do Kneginje Zorke
Kneginje Zorke
from Makenzijeve to Bulevara kralja Aleksandra
Koče Kapetana
whole street
from Beogradske to Baba Višnjine
whole street
whole street
whole street
from Beogradske to Kursuline
Patrijarha Gavrila
whole street
Prote Mateje
whole street
whole street