Parking Payment By the Commenced Hour

PAYMENT VIA SMS – Text should contain only registration plate (no space between the numbers or letters) and is sent to one of the following numbers:

ljubicasta-zona-box9114 – for 30 minutes of parking in zone A
crvena-zona-box9111 – for an hour of parking (half an hour of extended parking) in zone 1 – red zone
zuta-zona-box9112 – for an hour of parking in zone 2 - yellow zone
zelena-zona-box9113 – for an hour of parking in zone 3 – green zone
plava-zona-box9119 – for an hour of parking in zone with no time limits – blue zone
plava-zona-box9118 – for a daily parking in some parking lots, according to vertical traffic signs – blue zone

It is possible to send two or three text messages at once, if it is within the time limits of the particular zone, while extended parking time can be paid within 5 minutes before the time limit of the zone expires. When texting to prolong parking ticket, any sender can instead of the typing the whole registration plate, simply reply to the previously received SMS with the asterisk (*).

  • Users whose mobile phone does not obtain the letters with dialectic signs should set the UTF8 or UNICODE, depending on phone platform, if their registration plates require this.

START-STOP APP – User starts the app by pressing the START button, after he had previously entered registration plate number and selected parking zone. Parking time stops counting by pressing the STOP button.

PAYMENT AT THE PARKING CONTROLLER – buying the parking ticket at the parking controller.

PARKING TICKET – can be bought at one of our Customer Services (31 Takovska Street, 51 Milesevska Street or 7 Kraljice Marije Street), shopping facilities networks and at post office counters. The ticket must be properly filled in and put to a visible position behind the windshield.


Daily ticket represents the payment of the parking fee in zoned parts of the city from the moment of buying or issuing thereof by the controller, till the same time on the first next day, when the parking fee is collected. Daily parking ticket is valid only for the zone in which it was issued or bought. If an order for payment of the daily ticket is paid within the eight-days of the date it has been issued, the user shall have a 50 % off of the price. If the payment exceeds the period deadline the user ought to pay the full amount of the daily parking ticket price.