User starts the app by pressing the START button, after he had previously entered registration plate number and selected parking zone or SMS car park. Parking time stops counting by pressing the STOP button.

Start-Stop App allows users to pay parking fee per minute, in the zoned areas of the city or SMS Car Parks, for one or more vehicles.

App is available and free to download at Google Play Store or AppStore, depending on the users’ smart phone platform. Also application is available at the web portal .

Total experience with using this app is possible if the Contract with PUC “Parking Servis” was signed at the offices of Customer Service in 31 Takovska Street, 7 Kraljice Marije Street and 51 Mileševska Street.

Legal right to sign the contract is granted to individuals and legal entities with the seat at the territory of Belgrade, vehicle in their ownership and no debts whatsoever to the “Parking Servis” based on unpaid daily parking tickets.
  • Individuals ought to provide personal ID and traffic licence for submission
  • Legal entities are obligated to submit to the “Parking Servis” proof of headquarter is being registered in the city of Belgrade, not being involved with bankruptcy proceedings, liquidation or restructuring and a vehicle under ownership

When signing the contract users are given the user name and password for the application, it is mandatory for them to change them for the safe and personalized experience with the Start-Stop System.